Friday, May 28, 2010


If you haven't already listened to 

Polo Hat, Polo Clothes
by:Quentho, B. Easy, Dat Boi T
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Fad: Silly Bandz

Silly Bandz, not even the coolest bracelets. 
but yet almost everyone is wearing them. 
The Bandz come in almost every shape and form.
There a popular trends in 2010, 
and also soon to be banned in schools, 
because its a distraction. 
And yet so easy to broke.

Basic Fun Pack

Fantasy Pack

Rock Band Pack
Pet Animal Pack
Dinosaur Pack
Princess Pack
Western Pack
Sea Creatures Pack
Spring Pack

&& many more....

Episode 1-Copper Foams {Sn'eads by Ree}

‘Diffrent Strokes’ actor has passed.

Dead at age 42.  
R.I.P Gary Coleman.
 After falling in his home Wed. May 26, 2010, he was rushed to the hospital by ambulance.
He passed away after being on life support with brain hemorrhage at a Provo, Utah hospital.

An Actor from Diffrent Strokes 

"What you talkin bout Willis"

Love Dudes With A Shoe Game.

&& Drake seems to have a sneaker game.

May 26 .

2 Days ago-  May 26.
Was My Birthday and i turned 17!
The Lord Blessed me with another year!
Also was the last day of my Junior High school year!

Kanye West in "Fresh Since 85" Air Jordan Spizike

Spotted Kanye West while he was in Houston, with what hes best known with sneakers. An Icon in the Sneaker Trends.