Thursday, June 9, 2011

Through my High School memories. :(

My 15th Birthday Dinner

Elsik and Hastings Game.2010

Look into.

What I made.

The Chain Heart Pin.



The String Earring.



Hey! :)

It's Thursday ! 06/09/11 I took pictures today with my Dad's photography Camera. I really Love this Camera! <3. Well I took pictures with an earring and Chain Heart pin that I made, I'm not done with the other earring. I will plan on selling when I make more. ^_^ .

A Close up of the heart.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pictures with others from Prom.

Jade and I.

Chelsey and I.

Chancy and I.

Taty and I.

Ashley and I.


A picture from my 1st sem. English 4 Class. That Class was kind of fun even though I didn't like that School. ^_^ That class really made me laugh.

Chris, Me, Jessica, and Christina.

Oh yeah and I forgot about Project Prom. :)

This was at Project Prom right after Prom which was on April 16,2011 on Saturday. Project Prom was on the following day on Sunday.

Ashley, Marque, and I.

Jade, me, and Utopia.

Me, Kierra, and Christina.

Graduation Pictures.

My Sister & I.

My Dad & I.

Taty, Me, and Kierra.

Group Prom Pictures.

Before I want to Prom, My Group and I went around and took pictures. :)

Individual Prom Pictures.

Enjoy :)

It's been a while since I have been blogging.

I really need to get back to blogging.I have updated in a while. I didn't put my prom, and graduation pictures up. Since I haven't put them up, I will in the meantime.