Tuesday, November 1, 2011

He made it better, Sept. 4 ,2011.

Pastor A. Announced a week in a advance that the week of Sept.4 , 2011 was going to be  a prophesying day.
Prophesying means - Speak or write by divine inspiration; act as a prophet: "when a man prophesies, it is because the Spirit of the Lord comes upon him".
September 4,2011 -
After Sermon, Pastor called everyone out for ‘Alta Call’. I walked out to receive my blessings. I closed my eyes and started praying. In my heart I was saying, “Lord please speak to me, call on me”. After Pastor A. was done calling on people and prophesying to  the church members, my Pastor then called my name “Jorie-Anne”.(God came down that day) My Pastor began to speak “ Seek Him in the morning,Before you go to school, God sees that you have a good heart, nothing can touch you (No harm of the enemy), He knows that you love Him, and He loves you. What ever you ask for He will give it to you.”

Something came upon me and I cried. :)
My God is a wonderful God, He will and has fulfilled everything He said that He will do. I know He watches over my family.
For what God has done in my life, I will forever serve him. He is a living God, and a big God!

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