Monday, June 18, 2012

Racial comments.

As i was reading down my Dashboard on Tumblr, I could not help but to see those throwing Racial comments at each other. Why must this world be so crucial to each other. Does having a different race than someone else really make you better than someone else? REALLY? I just seen "Dear White people" on my dashboard than I watched it on Youtube, I had no choice but to dislike it! What I don't like is to see different kinds of ethnic’s slaughtering each other. What makes you better than the other? The dust that you’re made out of? What makes it? Can you answer that? Being the fact that as I was a child, my mom would tell me I should not be racist for that I had a mixture of more than one race, I have family that are WHITE (from Europe, and Ireland), African and also mixtures. My Aunt married an Indian man and she is African, my cousins are both black and Asian. So before you get to blasting different races, get to educating yourself. Just because you are a different color from someone or different from someone does not mean anything. God made all of us out of his own appearance, so be Christ like.


  1. This is why i am so very proud of you! are beautifull inside and out!..and i am not sayin it just cos i am ur aunty ...i am saying it COS ITS TRUE!!!!....LOVE YA!!!!