Friday, August 3, 2012

While I was in NOLA....

From July 6 - July 8, 2012 I took a trip to NOLA, It was 6 hours longgggg! But it was worth it because I was going to New Orleans for my Cousins wedding. The wedding part was fun. But, what I did not like was the surrounds, everything around me just looked crazy, I can't even put it in words. Well, back to the wedding everything about the Weddings was as a dream wedding, I just loved the wedding! It was a New Orleans style wedding where they brought out their umbrella's and danced, lol. And, they also had a Nigerian style where everyone came out and dance, I liked that part. For the most part, I enjoyed myself. I finally seen my Cousins, Nieces, Nephews, Aunties, Uncles that I haven't seen in so long, or just haven't seen before. It was like a family reunion.
Little sister, Cousin, and I.
Little Sister, Cousin, Myself, and Cousin.
Sister, Cousin, Sister, and I
Myself, and my Niece. (She is the cutest)
Sister, Cousin, and Myself. 

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