Tuesday, September 25, 2012

In Counting…

Morning gaze as the sun rises first,
outside Ice cream trucks sounded.
it could of just simply been worst,
summer was all rounded.

Absence of help from the aid,
no ring silenced phone.
Smell of Campbell Soup fully made,
why would it all be postpone?

Running towards the weeping,
positioned myself on the left side.
Calling over my young one,
she wanted us to be by her side.

Everything was unveiling,
slowly, and very slow.
Flowing thoughts unveiling,
as you talked to me slowly.

I couldn’t, I just could not,
I struggled with what to do.
You prayed onto the Lord a lot,
right before headed off to go.

Tears began to fall,
as I took my younger one away.
I felt it the sorrow as I bawled,
eyes so red, trying to make it go away.

I couldn’t explain how much it hit me,
He walked in, I told him the news.
It hit him, worries engulfed me,
not much left but values.

- Jorieanne

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  1. You should do audio/video version for this. It's really good ����