Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wise Words For The Day!.

From the book "Have You Truly Been Born Again Of Water And The Spirit?" -Paul C. Jong
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The Eternal Redemption

Q:How much sin did Jesus blot out?
A: All the sins of the world.

Jesus gave us eternal redemption. There is no one in this world who cannot be redeemed if anyone believes in Jesus as his/her savior. He redeemed us all. If there is a sinner who agonizes over his/her sins,it is because of the person's misconception of how Jesus has delivered him/her from all sins with His baptism and crucifixion.
We should all know and believe in the secret of salvation. Jesus took over all sins with His baptism and has born the judgment for our sins by dying on the cross.
You should believe in the salvation of the water and the Spirit; the eternal redemption from all sins. You should believe in what He has done for your salvation at the Jordan river and on the cross.
Jesus know about all our concealed sins,too. Some people have a misconception about sin They think that some sins cannot be redeemed. Jesus has redeemed all sins, every single one of them.
There is not a sin in this world that He has left out because He has blotted out all the sins in this world,the truth is that there are no more sinners. Do you realize that the gospel has redeemed all your sins, even your future sins? Believe in it and be saved, and give all of the glory to God.

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