Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Falling in love with Natural Hair.

I can't really remember how long I have been Natural. I really love being Natural, I have always hated perms. I've been in and out of being Natural, but now I am just sticking to being Natural for the most part. My mom always told me, "You have to much hair, it's too thick, I really need to cut it or perm it, I can't comb through it". I use to cry when ever my mom would put a comb through my hair. The first time I got a perm, I really hated it, but I was really forced to get it. My cousin ended up perming my hair and she really didn't know how to perm hair and she ended up burning my head. One day, My uncles Wife ended up cutting my hair off and said that she was helping my mom out. After that day I just continued cutting my hair, I felt as if it wasn't important to me anymore, I even continued perming my hair. But when I learned how important my hair was, I stopped cutting my hair and perming it. I've been growing up with Biracial hair.

"Learn to love the hair you have!"

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