Friday, July 22, 2011

Love and Basketball

This is my all time favorite movie, "Love and Basketball". Every time I comes on I must record it or watch it. I quote the movie to, well I'll quote the movie on here to. I always wanted a relationship like Love and Basketball, My dream is to have one. A Husband in the NBA!

Quincy: All's fair in love and basketball.

Young Quincy: Can't do this shit!
Zeke McCall: Boy, what did I tell you about using that word?
Young Quincy: Can't should never be in a man's vocabulary.
Zeke McCall: And why not?
Young Quincy: Cause when you say can't you aint a man!

My all time favorite quote!

Monica: I'll play you.
Quincy: For what?
Monica: Your heart.

This part made me laugh.

Quincy: I took the ho to Burger King.
Monica: Cheap date.

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