Monday, October 17, 2011

The society that we live in today, 2011.

You know the society that we live in right? Today is October 17,2011. Every day the society changes, nothing every stays the same.Have you ever stopped to watch the news and realize what was happening in the world? Well, there is more happening then just what is in the news. What about that Troy Davis case? Did you stop to notice that an innocent man was on death trial and killed before the truth was revealed? I wondered if that petition that was going on effected what happened with his trial. An innocent man was killed because someone accused him of something that he did not do. He was at the wrong place and wrong time. You know that really touched me, and so does what ever happens in society.
Well do you remember the West Memphis Three case, did they ever find who was guilty or innocent? But they were freed right? The reason I brought the West Memphis Three case up with the Troy Davis case is because they did not get to the bottom of these case but they killed an innocent man without even finding out the truth. But they freed the West Memphis three without really finding the truth of what happened to those three little boys. I heard about both of these cases via the News.But, the main questions is, “Will America execute another innocent person?” I write for people to get inside of my head, I post what's on my mind. My thoughts about this society had to flow somewhere. This is the society that we live in today, and these are just my thoughts about it.
Troy Davis:

The West Memphis three:

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