Sunday, August 7, 2011

Hope brings about Deliverance

God has reasons for being a blessing. It's better for you to wait on the Lord, He will never fail you. I'm a Follower of Christ.I thank God for wisdom, Because if it wasn't for wisdom what would I know? When you lack wisdom you go to God. We always run to people asking for their opinion. Like their opinion is suppose to matter to us. There is hope in God. The only way Hope can return onto man is by God. If you engage in any battle with God you won't win. When we connect with God, our hopes, our dreams will never ever die. Hope is a fountain that our life reveals around. Then we began to ask our self "Is there anything you have that wasn't given to you?" and the answer would be "there is none." Call those things that are not, as to what they are.

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