Monday, August 8, 2011

The world we live in today.

I came across this picture on my Tumblr dashboard and I reblogged it on my account . In this picture I noticed that there are 3 sets of generations. There is a mother with a baby and a baby with another baby. This shows that Kids are also having babies and they are not fully grown. They haven't fully grown into what they are suppose to grow into.
The generation that we live in now shows that kids not only Adults are also having kids. These kids know nothing about the cost of having a baby, and also the struggle because they want a child that is the only thing they know. If our generation knew what it was to have kids with no education and the struggle, how would they know how to provide for their kids. Instead of planning on having babies when your still a kid, plan on finishing your education, and Poverty wouldn't be an issue at the end. It's time for this Generation to wake up and stop sleeping on issues like this!

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