Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pray for London.

When will they stop with these riots? The devil can't win this battle. Word from London has been released. But all is well with my Grandma and Aunty, I just haven't heard from my other parts of my family. Why must they always have riots in London? I just got off the phone with my Grandma and My Aunty, and they are Safe. But, My Aunty's whole neighborhood is in pieces, and also trashed, Cars burnt out, and it looks like a war zone. Everything that they have tried to build as a community is all gone, Peoples houses burnt, young kids with baseball bats and knives. The devil is really working through these people. When I spoke to My Grandma she said that 16k of troops are enforced to be outside at night (every night). People are stealing Tvs, breaking into houses, robbing banks, Most people can't even walk the streets anymore. This is really sad, so take a moment and PRAY FOR LONDON. They were preparing to welcome millions of people for there Olympics for next year, and how could they do this if everything is being burned down? and nothing/nowhere is safe anywhere. This is not something to joke with. THE DEVIL IS A LIE! When will this stop?

Pictures that I found off Google:

And those are just a few pictures, of the truth that is going on over there!

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